Jmwilliams17 ATC Tracking [CLOSED]

I don’t control very often, but figured I would try things from behind the curtain.

Currently open at KSAN! Come out, do a few patterns and hang out for a bit. See ya!

SERVER: Training
NOTAM: Pattern work allowed

I think you mean the training server :)

WOah! you’re right. Habit. Fixing now
Thank you

Stopped by for a few patterns. I noticed some things to point out :

• You kept on telling me after the option to make left traffic. You don’t need to say the direction of traffic every time unless you want me to change. Just clear for the option.

• When I called inbound for landing you could have told me to enter downwind for 27, you corrected it though :)

• When I was on final you told the C130 to hold short. You could have cleared him for immediate takeoff, as I was in a GA I’m a lot slower on final meaning you could expedite their departure.

  • N1TR
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Great controlling, learned that I’m not good with the A318 😂
Thomas pointed out some great points, I don’t have anything to add.

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Thank you for the feedback!

Interesting, though. In the real world, when doing patterns at a towered airport, tower always gives us the traffic pattern when clearing us for the option, so thats what I was basing it off of. Its meant to avoid confusion.

As far as the C130 goes, I have to assume that something would go wrong. My responsibility is to get my pilots in my pattern on the ground safely. I Was operating from the mindset of avoiding a collision as I had had one runway incursion a few minutes prior.

Great points though and plenty of room for me to keep improving!

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Its a tough ship!
Sorry for the go arounds, but nothing I can do about runway incursions.
Thanks for coming out!

KONT now opened!
Training Server
Pattern Work Allowed

Perfect airport for short routes into/out of KLAX. Come stop by!

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I’ll come down in a few minutes.


You saw me. That was a horrific landing I’ve made there. I’m used to fly Boeing 👌🏻

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Alpster you didn’t call inbound correctly. You should have called inbound for the option rather then reporting your position.

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  1. When performing a runway change (Change from using 8s to using 26s), if the aircraft is already fairly close to turning base I will not change their runway. The first one was great because I was on upwind but the second, you could have just let us land.

  2. You didn’t sequence anyone.

  3. Alpster’s exit runway instruction was too late as you knew.

  4. Good thought with using extend upwind when I requested a runway change.

Overall very good!

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I opted for the runway change because the METAR was 180 at 15G20, which is a 17kt crosswind component. I was shooting for safety but I agree that I should have let the landings happen.

I though sequencing was automatic in the sense that you have to click the sequence button to complete the ATC command/transmission.

Thank you for your feedback!

I saw the METAR change, the first one read a 6knt crosswind, the second one was 16knts. And no, it’s the second option “sequencing”.

Roger. I’ll make sure I include that

Thanks for your service! Pretty strong gusting crosswind there:)


  • I’ve taken off from runway 26R and you gave me left traffic. When I was on downwind you cleared me for 26L. Before you clear for the different runway, give pattern entry first! For example, you should have said “FRODO, enter left downwind runway 26L” and then “FRODO, cleared for the option, number one, runway 26L”, but not just the last one.
  • I cannot see a point of extending downwind for me. Was there any? The other one on your frequency was on final for 26R an if you don’t like parallel landings (you should love them), i would have turned base long before him reaching me:)
  • I exited 26L to the right and requested taxi to parking. You cleared me to cross rwy 26R… I did it and started waiting for my request to be approved. Two possible solutions: As tower clear me to cross 26R as nobody was there or as ground give taxi to parking first and then cross runway instruction.

All being said, thanks a lot for the service today!

And yes,

To clairfy, I meant let us land then change our runway, don’t make us do a 360 and go the whole length of the runway when we are about to enter base.

Are you still controlling?

Disregard, I can see you still are. I will come over from LAX then do patterns

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Roger, Yep I should have entered you for the new downwind for 26R.

I entered you downwind because his base turn came well into your planned path, I wasn’t sure what he would do. I extended you downwind to maintain separation from them.

With the runway/parking clearance, yeah I should have handed that out faster.

Thanks for the feedback!

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