JMC Air McDonnell Douglas DC-10

File:McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, JMC Air JP109397.jpg

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in the JMC Airlines livery. Some useful information about the airline can be found in this link

If this is a duplicate I will take it down, I have searched for the aircraft in this livery and couldn’t find a related feature request.

It does look nice, however, I would prefer it on an MD11

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I do like this livery on the DC-10, quite modern on a old plane.

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This would stand out! It looks pretty modern on the DC-10 too.

Bump (so the devs hopefully see this)
Hopefully this livery is added so we can fly around the UK! Unfortunately this aircraft has been scrapped (they merged into Thomas Cook).

This livery is strangely appealing. I like it! Hope to see it in the sim one day


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