JMC AIR Boeing 757-200

In light of the news about the B752 rework, I’d love to see this JMC AIR Boeing 757-200 in the app.

Never heard of them? You should have. JMC stands for John Mason Cook, the son of Thomas Cook.

In 2003, JMC became Thomas Cook. As a boy, JMC took my family on holiday, they became as much as household British name as Britannia (now Tui UK).

This would be an amazing addition, a nod to the history of the 757 in serving British tourists.

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So now we have the 757 confirmed, please bring your vote here <3

Just look how BEAUTIFUL it is.


Amidst all this talk of swishy new aircraft, lets not forget the 757. Please support my childhood and vote for this livery.

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I know I’m not going to get this livery. But please support me emotionally in this trauma by giving me a vote.

Thank you.


PS its so pretty…


DANG that’s one beautiful and unique livery. I’m freeing up a vote for it right now
Edit: Just voted, really hope we get to see this in the game


Thank you. Your support is most appreciated.

Let’s get them Jet2 votes over to this thread <3


I’m working on it 🤣 I’ve voted for it now!

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Thank you!

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Something unique! Voted :)

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Youre official my favourite VA President. Better than that @Darragh_ODonoghue bloke who HAS NOT voted for this :)


I hope you’re enjoying your presidential pilot status. Titles like those tend to come and go when people least suspect it ; )

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Thank you! Now go and vote.

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I can’t argue with that compelling case

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It feels like Wisconsin in here, this rally of new votes!

I am confident that @MishaCamp will do this request justice if we hit the 30 mark. Please continue your support, my IFC family! This is my childhood we’re talking about.

Voted just for your childhood!😘

Thank you! Great to see support from the Jet2 community for this and my childhood.

Wow lots of support just jumped onto this thread in less than 24 hours. I’m hoping it gets added 🤞

I think #Justice4JaysChildhood is getting some traction…

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Love this livery but I doubt it made it to the list

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