JM192G’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

No problem thanks for coming I made the mistake again of giving the taxi to parking command when the pilot just requested to taxi -.-

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Hi, G-PMKY here. You had some unfortunately major issues for me:

  • No traffic direction given on my first clearance (“cleared for the option, make left traffic” should have been given)
  • No sequencing to either @ThomasR or me on any of our patterns (numbered clearances do not replace sequencing)
  • You cleared me to cross 36L right after you’d cleared @ThomasR to take off from it, and he was rolling

Certainly the second and third of those would result in misses on your test, and maybe the first one too. Getting pattern management and situational awareness to be second nature are crucial and I think where you need to concentrate at the moment.

One minor issue was my pattern entry; I was flying parallel to 36L when I called in, so a better entry would have been left base. Entering the pattern on a left downwind meant I needed to fly further north first, then double back on myself to get into the pattern.

The second minor issue was on my runway change, when you instructed me to enter right downwind from 36L to 36R across @ThomasR’s likely path on takeoff. You could have played that safer either by sending me round the left pattern as number 2, or extending my upwind until he had turned out of the way.

If you take away one thing from this, please let it be the mantra: pattern, sequence, clearance. You must do them in that order when you have multiple aircraft in patterns.


Thanks for that feedback will take it on board and utilise it for tomorrow’s session. Thank you.


Practicing for IFATC so throw your best at me please, Runways 26L and 26R in use for landings and departures please assess me on all parts of the IFATC process, transition of airspace, inbound aircraft, runway changes etc and please leave feedback afterwards
Thank you,


Are you still open?

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I am yes just opened

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Great controlling.

Hey! I was VT-MUK

Amazing Job! There wasn’t much traffic but you did everything right! Only one thing I have to note:

Lufthansa 454 called inbound on the ILS. In this case, you should clear them to land instead of clearing option like you did. However, they might have been in a pattern and just didn’t call inbound correctly.

Good job!

Thank you appreciate that 😎😎

Thank you really appreciate that, I did ponder for a few moments on clearing him to land and thought he is using ILS so is landing so made the wrong decision clearing for the option but will remember that for next time thank you for coming appreciate your time and feedback 😁😁

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Open now at KRND on the TS
Runway 33L and 33R in use for take offs and landings

Please come and fly patterns, execute go arounds, runway changes and missed approaches as well as transition of airspace and please leave feedback after the session.

Thank you