JM192G’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Come and help me practice for IFATC 😎😁

Come and test out my skills as I practice for IFATC. All runways in use 😎

Come and test my ATC skills so I can practice to join the IFATC team… pattern work allowed all runways in use at present.

Thank you 😎😎

Runways 12L and 12R in use
Pattern work, inbound aircraft procedures and transition of airspace required for IFATC training.

Please provide feedback after session.

Thank you.



With only one aircraft in the pattern it’s a bit hard to look at your sequencing and handling, but what I saw was good. Just some points to think about next time:

  • Transition altitude of 2000’ is too low at OMDB. It is 62’ above sea level, what should the two pattern altitudes and the transition altitude be?
  • Don’t be too quick to give clearance immediately after takeoff. For one thing it’s a time of high pilot workload, and also you don’t know what calls they might make - runway change, departure, etc. By all means be organised and stay ahead, but be mindful of pilot workload as well.
  • You missed me sneak off the 12R on my last option, but I guess you were distracted by the Saudia inbound 😊

Hey thanks for the feedback, pattern altitude for props is 1000 and jet aircraft is 1500 I thought you add an extra 500 for aircraft flying VFR or is it an extra 1000 feet and I got that wrong lol? I don’t think I’ll control ground and tower again at the same time because I get tied up doing both when it gets busy and maybe was busy with the inbound saudia my apologies and where it is says the altitude of the airport in this example 62 is that in thousands so would it be 6200 above sea level?

It’s 1000/1500 AAL, so at OMDB that becomes 1062 props and 1562 jets in pressure. Then you add the 500 spacing making 2062 and round up to the nearest 500 (or it would be eating into the spacing). So that makes a minimum transition altitude of 2500’, but 1000 separation is recommended so that gets you to 3000’.

You’ll often see people refer to a “2500” rule of thumb, but it’s still AAL and rounded up.

If your aim is to join IFATC you’ll need to be able to work ground and tower together - it’s part of the test. Just keep practicing until it comes!

Thank you for that will put that into practice will be opening KRAP tonight not sure what time but will update my tracking thread when I am open thank you, KRAP is around 3000 elevation that would take my pattern altitude to 4000 for props and 4500 for jets and then transition altitude 5500 correct or would it be rounded up to 6000 and I usually do both ground and tower together anyway so kinda used to that but will practice doing both together more 😁

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OPEN for IFATC practice
Pattern work, transition of airspace and inbound aircraft procedures required as practice.
All RWYS in use at present.
Thank you

Coming by!

thank you i appreciate it

sorry had to shoot off will be back on a bit later

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Hello, I was AMT888.

Here are my feedback below. Timestamp are all Zulu-based.

[18:14:42]: Transition was perfect at 6,000ft
[18:20:33]: Go around was perfectly handled. Sorry about that, unstable approach
[18:23:23]: I don’t think this one was really necessary, airport was 3200ft and my altitude was 5,000ft. Had I gone unreasonably high or same as inbound pattern, you may issue this.
[18:26] You disappeared suddenly

Not too sure if I can come again later, hopefully next time :)

Feedback on my airspace transition assignment would be appreciated and the other things you saw in the short time I was controlling, thank you

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Well, transition altitude was good, and that “descent to pattern altitude” for Anthony was unnecesary. Also, you didn’t sequence me when you give me a pattern entry; and finally a good clearance.
That would be all that I got in those 5 minutes lol

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Thank you for the feedback I really appreciate it I had to shoot off I wasn’t sure of your username to let you know I had to shoot off lol I will be back on shortly.

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Thanks for the feedback and sorry I had to shoot off lol and ohh I thought if you were above pattern altitude you had to descend for pattern altitude lol will use that for next time ill be back on shortly if you are free.

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Practice for IFATC
All RWYs in use at present
Transition of airspace, Pattern work and inbound aircrafts encouraged for practice.

Thank you

back on now if youre free

back on now if you’re free