JM192G’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi and welcome to my ATC tracking thread.

Please leave feedback both good and bad at the end of your session.

Pattern work, transition of airspace and inbound aircraft procedures required for practice.
RWYs 28 and 23 is in use at present for take off and landing.
Thank you

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Very good controlling! Obviously I sent you your feedback via DM on this mornings session but I can really see how you have practiced!

Hopefully everyone will come over and challenge you when your open 😁

Thank you I appreciate that I was a little hesitant giving you the pattern entry when you came over couldn’t decide if it would be left or right downwind but figured it out in the end lol also forgot to give you exit runway command -.-

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Yes I noticed the exit runway command, everything comes with time, the speed giving commands, the exit runways and also being familiar with your downwinds, crosswinds etc…

It all comes with time so keep practicing regular and it’ll come 🙂

I’m sure it will thank you :D

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Come and test me at Dallas Love field.

Thank you 😁😎

Come and test my ATC skills and leave feedback.

Thank you 😎

You open, I’ll come and give feedback ?

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I am yeah 😁

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I’ll drop by!

Feedback :


Did the correct thing clearing me of that pilot on the wrong runway, we have to deal with this on training

Runway change was perfect

Go around perfect

Correct clearances given

Good exit command

Things to work on

These weren’t really mistakes but just things you can work on to be a better controller

Runway 06 L should probably have been used. The wind was below 5 knots so pretty much any runway can be used in that. Also would have been quicker and more efficient for me to taxi there. Anything above 5 knots and colours / METAR can indicate the runways needed.

My clearance was very early. Aim to sequence on crosswind if needed and clear on early downwind. This gives pilots a chance to change what they are doing as they may want to depart your airspace or change runway etc etc

Overall very good job, looking forward to seeing you join us at IFATC


Thank you appreciate that feedback, I didn’t even see him till last minute and he refused to tune to my ATC which was annoying I think he used auto land and wasn’t at the controls lol the only thing I picked up on that I did wrong was not cancelling your T/O clearance first and I try to send people to the closest runway but as i had posted the runways on here to keep consistency but then it changed I think right as you got to the runway and wasn’t sure how to deal with that should I have changed your runway to 06L and told you to enter right base for 06L as it’s not something I’ve came cross lol,

Looking forward to being IFATC got to pass my theory which is another 18 days away 😂😂


It’s all good, on training we just have to ignore people who don’t fly correctly, learning is what trainings for after all

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It is indeed we all have to start somewhere lol 😎

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Come and test me and give me some awkward situations to deal with 😎😎

Come test me and give me some awkward situations to deal with 😎😎

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I’ll drop by!

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There is no ATC :(

You did good; the only thing you should have done better is to not let an A380 takeoff at Palma lol

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Thanks for the feedback and I thought it was a bit strange lol but ran with it haha