JM Aviation N809JM Challenger 350 Livery

As mentioned before, liveries requests may open when an aircraft is annonced on the developement line. And now it time for the JM Aviation blue lines to enter !

here the N809JM
[N809JM | Bombardier BD-100-1A10 Challenger 350 | JM Aviation | Oliver J Semple

Based at Fort-Pierce Florida U.S, this livery will add a blue touch to the coming beauty BD 350

This livery is beautiful! Instant vote from me!

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I love this livery! You have my vote!

I so wish I could vote for this! I’m unfortunately at my votes limit.

I like it a lot!

tbh it kind of reminds me of my school district’s logo :p

Nice colours! Definitely deserves a livery in IF

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I still have my fingers crossed for it
That livery will add a nice blue to the Sim for real !!!


Is it me or do I get Florida vibes with this livery!!


I have a feeling that this one is coming

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I would really like to have a confimation like a sneak pic from the IF IG account as we all use to see

already been confirmed as deer crusher is flying it on infiniteX right now

I would never… 👀

You sure

haha awesome livery though

I’ve actually spotted 809JM at San Diego about a year ago. Shortly after I found out that we were doing the Challenger, I snapped this as a proposal for one of the liveries for IF to include. Really love the blue. Its like a “Tiffany Blue”. Really unique in color. Its different, its clean, and overall, is just sexy! ❤️


the blue on it is super nice

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i couldn’t believe when i looked up how fast it can climb in a minute it said 5,000 feet per minute is that true @DeerCrusher

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Wow that’s insane talk about a true rocket plane

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Will out climb anything passenger carrying aircraft we have in IF atm. Even the 757…