Jlittle231 ATC tracking thread [Closed][]

Hey guys! this is my thread to track my where I will be open. When I open up I will be sure to edit this post and reply.


Overall you were fine [only me in the pattern with one runway] but there was two things you could fix.

You told me to make right traffic when clearing me for the option, when I was remaining on the same runway [again, there’s only one runway].

You had ample time to get that departure out before you gave me that “I’ll call your base” instruction, so it was uncessary. If you were to need to use “I’ll call your base” though, then giving me a pattern entry “enter right base” is not the correct instruction. A simple “turn base” instruction would surfice.

Keep practing and you’ll be there in no time!

I would recommend you watch the following tutorial and watch for when and how Tyler uses certain commands:

Also, never train at an airport with only one runway. Makes it difficult for those coming to fly patterns because then you can’t practice runway changes.


Thanks so much for coming out! the reason I let you know I called your base was I saw you making a real tight traffic pattern which nothing is wrong with I just wanted to be sure I had plenty of separation. I will look into turn base because I didn’t know it was a thing. I plan on opening up soon and doing some military stuff. Come out in a fast mover and lets do some more pattern work.
Thanks so much for the help


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Hey team!
I am live here at KPHX! I am looking forward to some hometown fun! Come on by and I will stay open as long as I have traffic.

Touch and gos welcome
Stop and gos welcome
All aircraft welcome
USING 07s AND 08

Closed because no one can follow directions :)

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Hey Y’all
I am open here in Vegas! I like to call it Sunday in Sin City! Ground and tower open. Notams below!

Touch and gos welcome
Stop and gos welcome
All Aircraft welcome
Departure and arrival runway will vary based on aircraft so please do the following
Jetliners use 8L
Propliners use 8R
All others use 01R/L

Special request available just let me know here.
This airport has the JANET aircraft on the northwest side so feel free to use those
See you soon!

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