Jlewis Tracking Thread [CLOSED]


I am open at EGSS on the Training Server, where there are 42kt winds and 28kt gusts.

All departures and arrivals on Rwy 22.

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Hi Jacob
Always like a challenge, raked in a few XP for the landings 😉
Back to your controlling, mostly there.

  • no need to specify left traffic after each clearance as already in the left pattern, after takeoff you would only do this for rw changes.

  • although the person requesting tranisition wasn’t in you’re airspace, 3,000ft would of been a good altitude

  • Exit rw command could of been abit quicker


Really appreciate the feedback!
It was my first time in a while so I was a bit butter-fingered.

Didn’t know that about left/right traffic, won’t use expect in runway change from now on.


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