Jlewis’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ KORD


I am opening at KORD for around 45-60mins. Winds are currently 31G54kt, and visibility almost zero, so you couldn’t ask for better flying conditions.

Hey @Jlewis,

I wouldn’t recommend opening at an airport where the weather conditions are not the best. Especially the visibility being less than 3nm, when pattern work wouldn’t be allowed and advised. When you are training to become an IFATC controller and would like pilots to fly patterns for you, it is advised to pick an airport with at least two parallel runways, the terrain allows for pattern works and good weather conditions.

Just a few pointers, good luck on your journey to becoming an IFATC controller

I’m doing it mainly because it might be fun for pilots, not my own practice.

That’s not the purpose of an ATC tracking thread. You can create it if you want to practice your ATC skills or If you have already applied to IFATC and you are willing to practice ATC skills before a written test or mainly a practical test.

See the post below for more information:

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