Jin Air 777-200ER

Hello I would like to request a airline today The airline is Jin Air

My Opinion
I would like it in IF because the colors are very nice and they look very different than what we have in IF.


More Information About Jin Air:

More about the 777:

Let me know what you think about it below!

It’s a duplicate topic. But this topic has aged… ^^

Is it still allowed even though it is not closed?

If not I can flag this one

Keep going. The previous one was getting outdated.

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Okay thank you for the information!

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But this is entirely up to the rest of the IFC.

Yes we will just have to wait and see.

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I’m going to bump this because with the upcoming 777-200ER rework, I think this would be a great, diverse addition to the IF Asian fleet.

It’s not too late to give this an addition, eh?

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We need this livery!

Oof We need This!

Voted! Would love to see this in the game!

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Voted! I’d love to fly this big colorful jet around East Asia and the Pacific.

I would love to see this one in the sim

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Hopefully this gets added soon!

At least, they must resize the PW Engines. It’s too big

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