Jin Air 777-200ER

I was sitting in my dentists waiting room earlier today when I saw an airline magazine (not one I had heard of before) I picked it up and read through a few pages and I came across an article on Jin Air a subsidiary of Korean Air, I had never heard of the airline before and the article had no photos so I decided to look it up on my phone. After a few minutes I promptly decided that the Jin Air liveries (both the 737-800 and 777-200ER) are in my opinion some of the smartest looking liveries I’ve ever seen. I do realise this is a very obscure suggestion but I think after others see it they will see why I suggested it😄.


The Wikipedia picture of the 737 says that it’s a -800 model, which I don’t think it is.

It looks like a 738 to me, it said it was a 738 in the magazine as well

But it doesn’t have winglet thingies and it has extra cockpit windows

Some 738s have the extra cockpit windows and it looks to long to be any other variant of 737, and I doubt it’s the 739.

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It is, sorry I missed a bit regarding the winglets so I thought is was a -500 or something like that

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Special one eh… I agree though

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737-800s originally came without winglets and with extra cockpit windows. As development of he airframe continued, the blended winglets were added for better fuel efficiency, longer range, and other reasons. The extra cockpit windows were plugged as there was no use for them.

Assuming Jin Air flies 737-800s on very short domestic hops (I’m not sure of their route network besides ICN-GUM), then winglets are actually detrimentsl to their fuel efficency because of the extra weight. Thus, they can save the outfitting costs and the extra weight by not having some of their planes outfitted

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Thanks for the info, I’m not a big fan of 737’s so I’m not an expert

No it looks like a 734

It’s far too long to be a 737 400, and it has more circular engines then the 734

I have researched the plane and throughly read about jin air only 6 of the 737-86n (the customer code) actually have winglets and the research proved that it is 737-800 and apparently jin air never operated the classics

How do you even find these airlines? You’re wanting to add all planes in real life into IF?

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No pictures in feature requests… Please.

Ohhhhh @Swang007 we have one.

Why would there be a features category if the devs didn’t want people to suggest things😄?

Amazing livery and neon colour looks nice, it reflecting beatifull.



would be real nice to get this livery in to IF