Jin Air 737-800

I’d love to see this colorful and unique livery added to Infinite Flight to give us more low cost East Asian airlines to fly. They operate 20 of these 737-800s along with two -900s, one MAX 8, and four 777-200ERs. Jin Air has a relatively expansive route network focused on East Asia with some flights to Oceania and the Pacific.
I hope that we can see one of their 737-800s without eyebrow windows, such as HL8017 in the photo.
If you’re interested in this livery and want it to be added don’t forget to vote!
(There is one other feature request for this livery, but it’s very old and wasn’t that well formatted).

Credit: Lee Jihun-Korea Aero Photos

Jin Air (HL8017) Boeing 737-800. Posted on Twitter.