Jhosoyag's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KLAS

Hi, there!

I am in the IFATC recruiting team process and would like to be tested, please? :)

I’ll be opening TWR and GRD and of course, patterns and inbounds/outbounds, runway request changes are more than welcome.

  • If remaining in the pattern/TNGs, please do only use “remaining in the pattern” command.

  • If leaving the airport, please use “departing north, south, east, west, straight out” command.

  • For outbounds, please file FPL before contacting ATC.

Gracias :)







I can come

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Hey, we moved this to #atc for you and @Marina added your IFC username along with Tracking Thread to the title. Welcome back and good luck with your training ;)


It’ll be a pleasure. Thanks!

Thank you so much for your help! :)

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Thank you so much for coming. I hope I provided excellent services :)

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I was Scandinavian 023,
Some feedback

Once I’m departing in the pattern, after the initial make _ traffic, there’s no need to instruct “make _ traffic” again in the landing clearance (unless I’m changing runways then I’ll need a new pattern of entry).

Good job on the timing of the clearance.
Good reply on the “request frequency change” by me after “taxi to runway, contact tower when ready”.

Spot on pattern of entry on runway change.
If you have already cleared me for the option, and I report “on _ , full stop” no need to issue a new clearance for landing again. Clear for option is clearance for low pass, touch and go, full stop.

Good transition, for propeller aircraft, should be 2000 ft, (1000 ft pattern altitude, + 1000 ft recommended separation)

When I requested inbound for landing, I didn’t receive a pattern of entry, should have been enter right downwind, then cleared to land. Any aircraft needs pattern of entry upon calling inbound without approach.

Some minor stuff: TBM doesn’t have a pushback, so just issue taxi to directly, even if pushback is requested.

Preemptive runway crossing is appreciated, no need for the continue taxi instruction after cross runway. You can give the cross runway instruction in the exit runway command itself.

Great runway exit command at 60kts!
Otherwise everything was great! Thank you!


Thank you so much for being there and for this feedback! Will obviously take into account for my ATC test prep. Have a great day/night :)

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When will you try to open again? I can do some touch and goes when you open :)

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Just watch the thread for when he posts.
Kidding and I will try and stop by if I can!


@JetSuperior5192 @Zhopkins
Jajaja thank you, folks! I can do later today at 0330Z or tomorrow 1600Z. Let me know if you guys are up to :)

I’ll try to pop by!

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Hi, friends!

Now at KLAS in Training Sever if someone wants to spawn in :)

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