JFKPlaneSpotter - My All New YouTube Channel!

Hello everyone! I have created myself a YouTube Channel, please take into consideration that I have only created this about an hour ago so I don’t have many uploads yet (I have 1 though). Anyway, I have created this YouTube Channel to upload videos on flights I have done on Infinite Flight. I also created the channel to upload my progress on the airports I’m editing in Japan (and probably 1 or 2 from other countries) for Global Flight, as well as videos from when I spot at KLGA and/or KJFK. Enjoy! :)



I subscribed, you are joining a list of big youtubers!


Thank you, Mr. First Subscriber ! ;)


Second! So close! Anyway Good Luck!

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Wait it says one sub?

It says 7 lol

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Subbed too and seems like I can get some inside look on the airport editing team.


I’m a bit late. I’m the twelfth.

I subscribe you.😀😀

I have subbed

Subscribed! Can’t wait to see your videos! Looking Forward for it!

Yes! We get to see JFK’s bad landings! just kidding

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How come when I choose my profile pic, it says 22 subs, but on my channel it says 16? . .

Just like when I publish a 4K video and YouTube tells me it’s only in 360p. It’s kind of slow sometimes. On my account selection I have 22 while on my channel page it says 21.

Same here I have 20 subs but when I try to see them I have 19.

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It is just some problems with YouTube itself

I expect highly professional aircraft handling.

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I subscribed!

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I subscribed ;)

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Yes… I will defiantly subscribe :)

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