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So, next week I am taking a school trip to Washington D.C. and New York City, and I have a few questions related to the airports. For departure, I am flying Delta airlines into DCA which is obviously ideal since it is the closest to downtown and it is the least crowded out of all the three airports in DC. Then on the way back, I am flying delta airlines out of JFK. So here is the real question.

Which NYC airport is most likely to be more crowded and is more prone to delays and cancellations?

  • LaGuardia (LGA)
  • John F. Kennedy (JFK

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I will be sure to do some plane spotting!

Jack Q


It depends on the time that you leave JFK. Both can be prone to long delays.

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This is at 4pm

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If you choose JFK, make sure your flight doesn’t leave or arrive at night. Just look at FR24 and you will understand

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DCA is actually the busiest and most crowded airport in the DC area.


Another option would be to fly BWI-ISP with southwest. KISP( Long Island MacArthur) has a few commercial flights a day and is very nice and quiet.

FlightRadar24 always says there is a huge delays at both airports and mostly for departures. I don’t see this high of a delay index at other large airport like these.

@Dylan_M this is for you


I’m guessing it’s because they use ONLY ONE RUNWAY for every single departure at both of the airports.

13L/31R is closed for resurfacing. It slows the ops at JFK a lot

They are both closed?

Yes, the departure queues at JFK have been absolutely absurd. Using runways for back-taxiing and line-ups, taxiing all the way around the airport to get to the back of the line…My suggestion is LaGuardia for this.


Or this @Joseph_Spinner and skip both

Haha I don’t think I can do anything about this since it is 2 days away. Also since it is in the range when everybody gets out of school and is going on vacation.

Well. Less people fly to LGA due to it being a horrible airport in cleanliness, rating, and overall as an airport. However, the reason it is better is location, location, location. However, at 4 PM in JFK, you might be delayed as it is one of the peak flight times.

Well, shucks. I might miss my connecting flight in SLC.

However, it varies on terminal. We flew out of JFK around 4, and we were perfectly fine.


I’m sorry @Dylan_M but… I WIN

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I am in terminal 4 i think that is the one that all the sky team partners fly out of

Are you sure about that?

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