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what is with the visibility at jfk i live in Manhatten and it cloudy not foggy

Here’s the latest METAR from JFK

KJFK 261125Z 2612/2718 18010KT 2SM BR VCSH OVC002 WS020/20040KT

The current conditions display that the visibility at JFK is 2 Statue Miles with Showers in the Vicinity and Mist. The cloud base is at 200 feet with an overcast layer.

With these conditions, you’re bound to see fog in the app - especially with the “sea fog effect”


Current METAR at KJFK is:
Wind 180° 13kt. Visibility 0.25sm. RVR runway 04R is greater than 6000ft. Mist. Clouds scattered 0ft, overcast 200ft. Temperature 11°C, dew point 11°C. Altimeter 29.8inHg. ASOS station. Mist.

Remark: AO2 SFC VIS 1 3/4 SLP091 BR SCT000 T01110106

From windy.com

Seems foggy currently because of weather surrounding the airport.

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METAR John F Kennedy International Airport, United States | KJFK (metar-taf.com)

Since Blake and Jack have already provided you with great answers, I will leave you with this link so that you can find the METAR for any airport. This site is very helpful and has great, clear graphics.

To answer your original question, visibility is fairly poor at KJFK now. See the METAR for more information.

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