JFK TWA Terminal To Be Hotel

Gorgeous. Can’t wait for this to open.


who would stay at an airport hotel, especially at a busy one. i have stayed at IAH airport hotel, but that was only bc i had a flight the next day

I’ve stayed at the London City Airport Travalodge (Travalodge is a British chain of budget hotels) and I didn’t even have a flight the next day, I just used my room for spotting😄

Awesome! Went spotting from the Travelodge at LTN earlier this year, but I was flying the next day.

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I would park myself by a window and planespot. Taking pictures of planes is what I do nowadays in the avgeek portion of my life.

Also to sleep in a terminal that I have used for years to go on vacations as a little kid to an adult means a lot to me. Also, access to the original 60s lounge is a real bonus. Architecture is awesome.

Nice! Flying into LCY is on my bucket list.

I had to stay at an airport hotel at MIA once because of an extremely late connection. It was looking straight at takeoffs from 26L but it was dark out and I was too tired to planespot at midnight and/or dawn.

Plus I had my crappy camera with me :.

I’ve never flown into London City but it’s definitely one of the best airports to spot at😄


Article by Airways News.

Public observation deck is going to make. my. day.

Well the main reason is because it’s close first of all and all you have to do is take a elevator downstairs and your there… At least you don’t have to wake up like a hour earlier along as you pack your bags next to the door Your basically right there… IAH is pretty busy at night time so if your wondering about the sound problem I could understand that part but if you love spotting you can look out the window and see planes take off and land because the hotel is literally in the middle of the airport I think…☺️