JFK-SYD flight, what plane did you use and how did it go?

Hey guys, I was thinking about doing a New York to Sydney flight, first of all, what plane should I use, I know I’m gonna need full fuel but what plane should I use for this, the 787? What variant? Any tips for the flight? How did it go for you, any advice you can give is appreciated

A380 would be used on the direct flight. Or you could operate the B747 JFK-LAX-SYD Route.

Its a long route but you get a good amount of Flight Time from it and its good for Overnighters + Mornings

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Yeah, where I live it’s getting to be late, thanks for the advice!


Use any 787 my opinion

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The 777-200LR would probably be the best option for this flight as it has the longest range of any plane in the game (as stated numerous times in this thread.

I would say that the A380, 777W, 777LR and probably any 787 variant would be able to make it.


Yeah, it was a toss up beteween the 77L or the 789 for me

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Thanks for the fuel calculator! I don’t need to do the low power mode thing as my iPad Pro will be plugged in through the flight, and the battery will always have power, but thanks anyways!

I’d say that 77L is the best option with the B789 not being far after. Both has some of the best ranges found on any commercial jet.

The 77L already flies on the longest flight there is today (DOH-AKL) measured in total distance by km / nmi.

The B789 as we all know flies for those 19 crazy hours non-stop, LHR-PER with Qantas.

The 788 is the only in the Dreamliner family that has been pushed to its limits by flying for 21h straight from Seattle to Dhaka. And with the 789 having a better range, it can most definitely go further.

The 78X on other has the shortest range in the Dreamliner-family and may or may not make it to the east coast of Aus…

My suggestion would be as you already have in mind, the B77L or B789, as both works fine will take you from JFK to SYD, with nothing to be worried about. Max Fuel and Minimum to No Passengers and Cargo at all and you’ll be fine.

Good Luck, Safe Flight and Smooth Landing :)

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Thanks! I never planned on using the 78X.

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I did the return flight back a couple months ago. I used the b77W (with HUGE help from excellent tailwinds!)

Cool, nice to see the 77W can also do this flight!

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Yep was very excited myself! However, keep in mind that I did the RETURN flight (YSSY-KJFK) so consequently, I had a lot of tailwinds. I have never tried it on an outbound flight (KJFK-YSSY), which would, I presume, encounter serious headwinds! All in all though, would love to know if it works. 😁

Low power mode will turn your screen off when you don’t touch the screen for a certain amount of time. Then you’ll lose you connection on Infiinte Flight. Oops. 😳 @Reaper_x98

Yeah, I’m gonna try and use less thrust during takeoff and climb to save fuel for the headwinds.

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Good idea! @SkysTheLimit87

Thanks! I will be asleep for most of the flight so I gotta save fuel where it counts!

If you want to be realistic than use the Qantas 747 Or A380 but make sure to stop at LAX and do the the transpacific part when you sleep…

I could do that but I wanna try and do a total long haul flight

Well,just use the 777,787 or A380… Im sure you will make it

Don’t forget to step climb ;)

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