JFK spotting

Hello! I went spotting awhile ago at JFK, and so so many good planes there! I will feature some here!

Camera, now usually I use a Nikon D3300 but I forgot my memory card so I used a Nikon D70 my dad brought with an 88-300Mm NIKOR lens

Location: well, it’s weird, it’s a office building called Newtel systems, I have no affiliation of this company. I spotted in the parking lot of that building. I did not trespass’s intentionally and nobody stopped me for the the time I was there so I think it’s fine. I did not see any signs saying I couldn’t sit there. I don’t know if anyone will stop you, and I don’t recommend pushing it. I was spotting on a weekend.

Now Let’s just jump into it (shoutout to whoever gets that reference)

First, an air India 777 from somewhere

Cathay 777-300ER from HKG

JetBlue A320 in a Brooklyn Nets(?) Livery from MCO!

Aeromexico 787 from Mexico City


Now this, this is my favorite shot. This is a BA 747 from LHR.

Delta 767-400 (very loud) from LAX

Swiss A330 form Zurich! It looks like a corporate jet due to Swiss’s simple livery

image image

Last photo (on my phone at least) of a Kaltallia Cargo charter DHL 747-400F!

What photo is your favorite?

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Thanks for looking at my photos!


Great shots! Were you able to get shots from behind after the aircraft had flown over you?

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I was but the sun was in the way and I didn’t save any. Thanks!


Ahhhh yea that ruins the shots. No problem!

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