JFK Spotting!!

Today I decided to go spotting at JFK!!! The way I was situated meant I didn’t see too much near me, and had to zoom in far to see things. Here they are!!

Equipment: Nikon D3300 88-200mm lens

Location: The Costco Parking lot next to JFK (google if your unsure of where this is)

First we have a Singapore A380 Coming from Frankfurt!

Next we have a BA 747 from Heathrow!

Next we have an American 777-300ER from Madrid!!!

After that we see a Delta A319 departing!

After that, an Alaska A320 in the Virgin America Colors

After that, an Emirates A380 leaving for Dubai!!!

Rear view of the A380

And finally, this one I didn’t expect, on the drive back home I saw another BA 747, from Heathrow

Thank you for looking at my photos!!! I wasn’t too close so the aircraft are far from me, and I only had a 200mm lens so I couldn’t zoom the max distance.


Wow! Lots of heavies! Great pictures!

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We went around noon so that was pretty much all we saw!!! Thanks for the support!!!

Very nice pictures! I really want to go spotting once, it’s not an easy thing to do. I believe they are several steps and things you need to get sorted before going spotting.

The Queen Of The Skys looking fabulous

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It isn’t the easiest place to spot, it’s easier to spot at LGAs planeveiw Park, but I had no issues, it was in the costco parking lot btw.

And yes, the queen is fabulous, I was excited when I saw her!

Edit: where are my manners, thank you!!

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@Nathan ^

@NationofAviation If you want to go spotting just make sure you bring some food/snacks, and a trusted mode of transportation. It also depends on the airport how you can spot because some airports have different rules.

When I go to spot at JFK I take the airtrain through the terminals with good views and I go on the roof parking lots and take pictures. Even though it’s technically illegal, the most a guard will tell me is no pictures.

Some airports you have to go to certain areas to not be caught by actual police.


Yes yes yes, I have seen those planes approaching KJFK also!

I drove here although I could take the air train if I wanted too.

Nice!!! Thanks for the support, it’s a thrill seeing a 747 fly right over you!

Whenever I have to run errands with my parents, I usually see at least one A380 or B747 approaching KJFK. If not, I ALWAYS see a Delta Airbus A321.

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Lucky!!! I live farther from JFK so I don’t see much action, but whenever I drive twords it I always see SOMETHING!

I spotted “off Property” in a parking lot near ish the runway, so Airport Police telling us no wasn’t an issue, the parking lot is public but their is a costco right next door so they may have an issue.

Nice pics, @SkysTheLimit87! It must have been fun (:

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It was very fun!!! Thanks for the support!

I never understood how plane spotting is illegal and/or airports don’t allow it

Same, unless your acting weird, and are in a dangerous area theirs no reason it shouldn’t be an issue.

I really surprises me that you saw 2 BA 744’s! We only get one a day here!

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I was surprised too!!! NYC is a huge hub for Transatlantic traffic, so heavies is all I see nowadays, but two BA 747s from the same place 30 mins apart, it’s crazy.

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If I am not mistaken NYC to London is the world’s busiest air route…

I think that’s correct, second to LHR-DXB.

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