JFK spotting

I’ve gone back to JFK and taken some more spotting photos with my brand-new 70-300 mm lens!

Emirates A380 special livery

KLM 777

BA 777 buttering

FedEx 767 taxing to cargo

Virgin Atlantic A330 pushing back

Virgin 787 chilling at the gate

EgyptAir 777 departing

BA 747 departing


Hey, @Guxk! Nice photos! Here’s a little tip: it’s good to always zoom out a little when taking photos; you can always crop in post. This way you can avoid cut-off tails!


Thanks, will do next time!

Great photos! Glad you got a 300mm lens.

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Great pics, the quality it really nice!

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Nice,JFK is a great airport to spot with all those livery’s and heavies:)

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Thanks, really appreciate it!

I know, that’s one of the many reasons I love going there

Where did you spot?? I’ve only spotted far out from a parking lot.

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The terminal 4 parking garage. It has a great view of all the runways that are usually in use in during the day. You can’t see the departure runway itself but you can see the planes once their about at 200 ft.

Thanks!!! Good to know nextime I spot!

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