JFK Spotting Trip Part 1

Hey everyone! Last month I went to JFK for a night to stay at the TWA hotel! Although I already made a spotting topic with one of the photos, here’s a few more! Once I edit some more I’ll be sure to post more!

Here’s the Choose Italy 787 after it’s flight from Abu Dhabi!

Easily one of my favorite spots here’s to get photos, you can get some awesome stuff pulling right into the gates!

Despite the fact that I live in Atlanta and we get daily VA A350-1000 service, I have never gotten a decent photo of one until now!

And finally, here’s some American Airlines 777-200’s on the runway for departure!

Hope y’all enjoyed! If you want to see more of my work, check out my Instagram: @jackson.aviation


Wow! Those are amazing! Im doing a spotting topic later today! But these are good!

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OMG! I will do the same this summer! Will be my first ever long-haul flight from MUC to JFK! If those are the views I can’t wait to stay there! Gorgeous photos!
I think I am gonna try to borrow a camera so I can also take some higher quality pictures to commemorate the time!

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These are awesome!! 🤩

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I absolutely loved these, keep up the great work! One of the things I like the most about JFK is its variety of international traffic.

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Ah yes last week I ran the runway 5k at KJFK and stayed at the TWA hotel and also got the Singapore A380

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You definitely should, the photos you will get would be worth it!

Wonderful shots ! I love JFK !

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