JFK Spotting - 7/7/2018

Hi y’all! I went spotting again last Saturday at JFK for my record-breaking 9 hours! It was lots of fun. I’ve also had a username change on Instagram. But we’ll get to that later, into the photos!

A Qatar A350 lifting off of runway 4!

A private jet (don’t know the type) parked at the VIP ramp. Feel free to add text to the blank area 😂

And now the special… An Antonov 124 visited! First Antonov I’ve caught!

Royal Air Maroc 787 touching down on 13L!

A FedEx MD-11F planting into the ground

A TAP Portugal A330 touching down

🎵I see a little silhouetto of a plane🎵

And finally, a LOT 787 touching down.

Hope you guys enjoyed these photos!

My Instagram is @kjfk.spotter


  • Canon EOS 77D
  • Canon 55-250mm IS STM

All of these photos are protected by copyright; they are all original content. Please contact me if you want to use them.


Awesome! I saw an 124 in Kenya it was cool.

Great pics! I hope to go to JFK sometime and get the heavies!

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Beautiful photos! That shot of the 787 silhouette against the New York skyline is just too perfect 😍

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Why don’t you post our LGA pictures ☹️

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Haha mainly because not a lot of interesting traffic.

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Great photos as always @GaplessHiding!!

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Awesome photos, love JFK

wow love these shots :) especially the sunset one, tap a330, qatar a350 and an124

I live in NYC, and was wondering the best place for planespotting at JFK. It would be a trek to get out there, but I really want to do some of it.

(Really love your photos btw)

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The parking lots are good

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Not really, unless you have a pass from the Port Authority. If you don’t gave a pass from the Port Authority, there’s a 95% chance that security will kick you out.
For 31R arrivals, the Costco parking lot is nice. Sometimes the Nassau County police come by however. (JFK is in Queens, part of NYC, but just east of JFK starts Nassau County)
There’s also multiple other spots, if you want to know just shoot me a PM.


Like what @RTG113 said, the Port Authority isn’t particularly friendly with planespotters. I usually tag along with some friends that have permits. This is only for spotting on airport grounds. Some off-airport sites, like the Costco, also offer great shots.

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