JFK Spotting 4/7/18

Hi, all! I’ve made another spotting trip to JFK, this time from the parking lot of Costco (605 Rockaway Turnpike, if anyone’s interested).

Without further ado, here we go!

American 738

Aeroflot 77W

JetBlue A321

Qatar 77W

Swiss A330

And finally, an Iberia A340

These were only some of my catches today.

If you like my photos, you can see even more on my Instagram, @justplanephotography.


Canon EOS 77D
Canon 55-250mm IS STM

Thanks for looking at my photos!


Nice pics! Which one is your favorite?

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I flew into JFK on a Delta 757 around 12:15pm today

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That Aeroflot 777 is just outstanding. Absolutely great photos!


My person favourite is the Swiss a330, looks great!

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I’ve spotted there before! Great shots.
Just be careful, the Nassau County PD (JFK is in Queens/NYC, but just east is Nassau) can be a bit non-understanding of planespotters sometimes.

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I have the exact same equipment

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