JFK Spotters Thread

Ethiopian Airlines announces EWR. Perhaps I should check the airport out:


Transaero cuts JFK service on 10/26/15 when they shut down for good.

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Not a spotter at JFK, but what’s the traffic movements and spots available out of ten?

What aircraft will Ethiopian fly in? 788?

@Henry_Collins; There are many traffic patterns for landings:

22s: This first one is the more common one. Planes coming in from Europe parallel the Eastern Seaboard then prel off and fly over Long Island and into 22L and 22R Another less commom pattern is when aircraft coming in from the North and West overfly the airport, go out into the islnd, and then fly in the European flight approach.

The 13s:

Planes coming in from Europe over Long Island can break away from the 22s approach and keep flying straight. Once they come close to the NJ Coast, they turn North and fly straight up, make the turn at Coney Island, and a final steep bank to line up with the runway. Not a comfortable approach. Planes can also overfly the airport from the north and west to line up with the NJ approach.

The 31s: Planes over Long Island keep flying straight then make a minor heading change to fly into 31. Planes ftom west and east fly out over the ocean, then turn north and can do a long final into JFK (Other opt for a shorter one).

The 04s: Rarely used nowadays so I can’t give you a 100% accurate description but all planes from the South just come straight in

I’ll PM yiu some sample flight paths as I grt them

@b767fan: No clue

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Wow thanks a lot, but today I feel like going to little old Christchurch airport and catching the 777 and 767.

The last remaining Airbus A340-500 service to JFK will be switched to a Boeing 787-8 starting November 7th, 2015. Get your last shots of the aircraft now because it just got even harder to planespot.

Currently flying GYD-JFK, AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines.

Ethiopian’s ADD-EWR or JFK route to be flown by A350-900 starting June 2016.

In addition, it seems that Lufthansa’s daily 747-8 flight has been switched to an A340-600 and one of the two Iberia A340-600 flights has been swtiched to an A330-300 (Occasionally two A330-300s a day). Munich to New York is now an A330-300 instead of an A340-600 (Operated by Lufthansa).

Recently, a 777-300ER has been subbing for an A380-800 in KE’s evening ICN-JFK flight. Possibly a temporary downgauge until the holiday season comes in.

BA restarts LGW-JFK service starting in May 2016.

EY begins AUH-JFK A380-800 service starting November 23rd, 2015

Heads up: Xiamen has been approved for 787 flights to NYC. Likely to be 787-9.

Starts 2017?

Update: Likely FOC-NYC.

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747 operators at JFK falls down by one yet again in January 2016 when Virgin Atlantic pulls its last 747-400 from the LHR-JFK route. The frequencies will in turn be replaced with A330-300s, A340-600s, and/or 787-9s.

Etihad A380 has made it:



Finnair leasing Privilege Style Boeing 777-200ER for HEL-JFK flights 12/3/12/23

Ethiopian will be flying to JFK

TAP Portugal has announced flights from LIS to JFK this June using A330 equipment.

Oman Air has announced intention to start USA service with JFK being a likely candidate

Gulf Air could possibly (Not a confirmed rumor) launch USA service with JFK again being a likely candidate.

On the other hand, seems like only jetBlue is operating out of JFK.

Rumor: LUX-JFK may be started soon by… Turkish Airlines

Of all airlines, a generic, nothing special brand. I can see this being flown by an A330, again a nothing special airplane.

Wish Luxair or some new airline would pick up the service…