JFK-SDQ on JetBlue

My mother, brother and I took a trip down to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for a family reunion celebrating my great aunts (my Abuelas sister) 100th birthday! To get there, we took JetBlue and had a great experience.

We got to the airport around 8:10 AM, plenty of time for our 10:25 AM flight. Bag check was a bit confusing at first, regarding the information to input. There was no wait to get a kiosk to print the bag tags, as there’s literally dozens of them!

Security was quick, it didn’t take more than 10 minutes thanks to TSA pre check. After security I got breakfast, and sat down at a gate and took some pictures of nearby planes.

I took plenty of pictures, including an Emirates A380 go-around. I went to the other end of the terminal to try and catch a Hawaiian A330, but the boarding area was too crowded.

The aircraft I took to Santo Domingo, N950JT

Boarding began around 9:40. My group (A) boarded the plane a couple of minutes after the pre-boarders in wheelchairs and Mosaic customers did.

Seated in my seat 4F, which is an Even More Space seat. The legroom was great, and the perks of expedited security and boarding the plane early (group a) were also great!

Pushback was on time, hearing the engine start up was nice.
We taxiied to the runway a few minutes after pushing back. The taxi wasn’t that long, and when our plane was on the taxiway parallel to 22R, I saw an American Airlines 777-200 roll right past, accelerating down the runway to London.

Believe it or not, we were the only ones in line for the runway. The 777 took off before we crossed 31R, so we taxiied right on to the runway and lifted off at 10:37 AM.

I filmed the engine spool-up and the climb out. A few seconds after takeoff we were already turning southeastbound.

FlyFi and DirecTV worked for just over an hour before the aircraft went out of the service area. Snacks and drinks were given out around an hour or so into the flight. There was a wide variety of stuff to choose from, so I went with the Terra chips and apple juice. Terra chips are amazing!

The cruise was very enjoyable. I watched some NFL network while the plane was still in DirecTV range, I watched the start of Mean Girls (which I finished up on the flight home), tracked my flight on the map feature on the TV, and looked out the window enjoying the views.

JetBlue has great service and they made the flight very enjoyable.
Around 20 minutes away from arrival, we began our descent north of the Dominican Republic. We were at 18000 feet when we passed by the northern part of the island and at 15000 feet when we flew over land.


Descending over the beautiful Dominican countryside

Making the approach into Santo Domingo. We came in fast for most of it but slowed down once the plane was on final approach.

Final approach to runway 17 over some villages by eastern parts of the city. The main parts of the city are around 30 minutes west of the airport dependent on traffic.

¡Bienvenidos a Santo Domingo!
We touched down at 1:37 PM. I recorded some of the final approach and landing, and was able to take pictures at the same time. As we were slowing down the runway, we were kicking water up, likely from a previous passing shower.

We taxiied to the gate and we pulled in next to a Spirit A321 preparing for departure to Fort Lauderdale.

We disembarked the plane, I thanked the flight crew, and then we headed down the jetway and straight to immigration and customs. The line for immigration was decent, we waited about a half hour.
There was a little kid who was running around a bit, and he (likely accidentally) knocked down part of one of the railing poles. It made a loud noise and a lot of people in the line looked. What really made me mad was, the parents didn’t even bother to go fix it, they just laughed! We went through immigration and customs, got our bags, then went to wait for a relative to come pick us up.

¡Bienvenidos a Santo Domingo!


Haha, I wonder if the kid’s parents were secretly gonna punish him when they get out of airport/when they arrive to their destination.


P.S. I really do enjoy the quality of the photos diminishing when I upload them :/

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That a lot of photos, but I think there a limit for pictures each topic.

I believe that’s only for the spotting category.

Okay, I guess that only for spotting category.

Btw, awesome topic!

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At JFK, at 8:10 in the morning??? Bruh what world do you live in?

Edit: Is this flight report for a flight from today? Because there is no way you made it through JFK Security in <10 if it was today…

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Great trip report! Very interesting! :)

I hate you so much right now… You could not have chosen a better day to fly… through security in less than 10 minutes, and maybe 15 minutes on the tarmac before taking off???

Sir, please tell me your secret for having the most perfect flight out of JFK!!!

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Looks like it was an awesome flight :) Must be pretty cool to live to triple digits!

What’s your opinion on the A321? My only experience on one is with Frontier, and that was less than impressive. Found the aircraft uncomfortable and loud compared to a 737. Would be interested to know your opinion…

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The horror👺☠

@RTG113 When you get a chance and have some time, and I know this will be a challenge, but could you possibly limit the photo count to 10? I know the limitation was placed for the #real-world-aviation:spotting category, but if we’re able to expand this limitation across the board it makes it easier for us moderators as well as you folks. The more photos you upload the less others are permitted to upload as we’ll hit the storage limit quickly if everyone is dumping 31 photos on their topic. sorry, I counted

Thanks for the help and understanding. Great photos! 🙂


I fly on Delta to go from SFO to Atlanta 4-5 times a year because of family, and about 1/3 of the time, I’m on their A321. I love it! Great snacks, nice seat (for economy in my opinion), and Delta always has my favorite movies on their IFE.

@Charlie_Boothe, TRIGGERED!!! KSFO!!!

Great photos! The Dominican plain is pretty nice!

100yrs and still strong

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Good to know! I may give the plane another chance on another airline, maybe it was just F9’s configuration…

This was Friday

I know it’s a little off topic but did you notice on the Spirit A321 that it said:



Understood Deer. I’ll sort through those pictures later after school when I get a chance.

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It actually for me when I went on Hawaiian Airlines in July from JFK-HNL, it was the most quickest security in my life, and T5 was packed that early July morning. I guess they wanted to rush everyone thru security faster, only 5 minutes lol.