JFK Runway approach adds 100 more nautical miles 22B

Once when I tried to land at JFK I realized that the available approaches for my assigned runway 22L added 100 more nm to my flight plan. When I go to JFK next time, what runways and procedures should I use this time?

Are you sure the approach procedure is in the right part of the FPL? Is there a screenshot to see what we’re looking at?

use a STAR and Appr to the active runway… it’s really not important which one. Just choose the one nearest to your FPL.

Should I use infinite flight fpl converter for my departures and approaches or should I use the infinite flight procedures?

The fpl converter will recommend a procedure for both departure and approach, but you will have to manually add it in the sim and delete the duplicate procedure waypoints not under the green bracket thing.

It doesn’t say the procedure I should use, but when I copy it, it does show waypoints that I could use as a departure procedure. It has an arrival procedure but it doesn’t seem to be too good.

Hey Rohan! It’s been asked already, but could you please provide a screenshot showing what it is exactly that is bothering you here? I have no clue as to from what direction you come, whether you have functional combo of STAR & APPR procedures etc.

No screenshots. I am coming from north, and I think I used STAR IGN1 or something like that, and then I chose runway 22L for approach.

Like @Jw2004 said, im not fully sure either on what you mean but from what I am understanding from above is you used IGN1 then you chose to do an APPR. If so, from what I can tell is that almost all STAR approaches for 22L have the first waypoints to the Northeast instead of the Northwest, so most likely you chose one of those and it most likely would have added the extra NM you were talking about. What you should do next time is choose whatever STAR for the runway you want to land on but if the waypoints are completely in the wrong direction then you can delete a few so that it doesn’t take you as long to come in for approach.

Hopefully that helps and happy flying! :)

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