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I’m just about to depart for São Paulo Brazil and I was just wondering is it possible if atc could open one of 13L or R for departures also? It just looks way to busy at 22R and I just think it’ll make the flow of departures and arrivals better if we used three runways instead of 2?

I’m not asking for vip treatment or anything stupid like that I’m just thinking of it as a suggestion 🤷‍♂️

JFK can be a very complex airport to control with heavy traffic loads and frequencies splitting into different controllers.
Like all FNF, you can expect delays and heavy traffic on your departure or arrival, so I would recommend to follow the runway configuration determined by the controllers. Using intersecting runways (13s and 22s) would make it even harder and even more inefficient for departures.


Ok that’s fine. Maybe it’ll be possible later tonight because it’ll be even busier with all the planes going to Europe tonight

This is very true. A few hours ago the winds were from the west, so they were favoring both the 22’s and the 31’s. This made it possible to use 22R and 31L at intersection J for departures simultaneously, though this can’t always be the case.
As said above, just note that there will likely be delays. Especially when an airport as popular as JFK is a hub.

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Plus, the runway available are based on real life winds, they can’t just open runways if the winds are not allowing it

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Recent exemple of how complex it can be :

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