JFK Plane Spotting Series

Hello folks, this is my first time going planespotting at JFK airport. Well, our first time (Pamela, me and the family) going plane spotting at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. At first when I saw arrivals at RWY 22L on flight radar24, we were going to the Costco place, however, the arrivals were for 31R. So, we went to Idlewild Park so we can spot planes landing on RWY 22L. Before we went plane spotting, we went out to eat for my sister’s 12th birthday at Olive Garden in Manhattan. And thus, we will be heading back to Miami on Monday for me to catch my flight back to St. Louis. So anyways, I hope you enjoy my first time planespotting at NYC 🗽🍎🗽. I remember myself being in New York when I was a kid.

Airport: John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport (KJFK) 🇺🇸
RWY: 22L
Date: 2/18/2024

Alright bet I would spot this first cargo jet that I would’ve spotted in Miami. But anyways, first up is China Cargo Flight 231 on the B777-200F arriving from Seattle 🇺🇸

Next up, we have an Delta Airlines Endeavor Flight 4821 as Delta Connection CRJ-900 arriving from Milwaukee 🇺🇸

Next up, a JetBlue Airways Flight 1452 A321 (substitution of the A321neo) arriving from Cancun 🇲🇽

Next up, we have another Endeavor Delta Airlines Connection Flight 4897 CRJ-900 arriving from Richmond 🇺🇸. I haven’t been to Richmond and I would like to fly there one day.

Next up, we have an American Airlines Flight 606 B737-800 arriving from AA Headquarters (aka Dallas/Fort Worth) 🇺🇸

Next up, we have a JetBlue Airways Flight 2210 A320 arriving from Santo Domingo 🇩🇴

Then another A320 but on Delta Airlines Flight 2789 arriving from Detroit 🇺🇸

Here comes the American Airlines baby bus (aka the A319), as Flight 1743 arriving from Eagle Vail 🇺🇸

Then, the SkyWest Delta Airlines Connection E175 Flight 4129 arriving from Chicago O’Hare 🇺🇸

And lastly, a Delta Airlines Flight 958 B767-300 arriving from Los Angeles 🌴🇺🇸

And that completes my first plane spotting at JFK airport. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be spotting more planes when I come to New York again. Without further ado, have a blessed day and be safe.


Cool spotting

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Thanks @DJW. I’m heading back to the 305 MIAMI today on AA1199 JFK-MIA on the B77W and then back to the 314 St. Louis on AA1594 MIA-STL B738


Have fun @Udeme_Ekpo! Great shots!

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cool photos, I liked the 1st photo more

what do you use to edit some of the aircrafts?

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My editor in the camera. Like I go to photos, and then I select the photo and I hit the edit button and it shows me many options. So I use my photos in my iPhone

ahh but amazing photos

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Good idea will do this when i cant go do real plane spotting😂

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Yep and you get to do plane spotting wherever you want @Jesper_Koob2