JFK plane shop

Are there any airplane shops where you can buy plane models at American airlines terminal at JFK? I don’t know if it’s related to Teal World Aviation didn’t find a topic

From what I know, unfortunately I don’t think there are any.

I went there a long time ago, but I know that in the AA terminal, there are shops with Daron toy planes. I don’t remember any actual models. But in Honolulu they have some stores with Gemini Jets, so you might luck out at JFK.

Hudson News.
The model quality is terrible, but it’s the best at JFK.

Ok thanks for you’re help

While not directly in JFK there’s a store that sells Gemini Jet models a couple of blocks away from Bryant Park. I’ve been there myself irl and I’ve got to say while the prices are a bit high you can find a some nice rare models there.

What’s the name of it

What’s the prices you saw like 70$

Store name was the Red Caboose a lot of people leave a lot pretty negative views about the store owners attitude however I didn’t experience anything that bad

Depends what the scale is and the manufacturer I’ve gotten an 1:400 Gemini jets America West 757-200 for $37 there

Went there last summer and the owner was very nice. I would love to visit again.

OK thanks I’ll go there July so hyped

Can you put a link of there website or direction please don’t find it

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