JFK photos

What do you think of these photos, I edited the brightness, contrast and the saturation mostly.

Had a flight from LAX to JFK, and had a simultaneous final with a United A350 in training server

A great day here at JFK airport


One major thing, graphics should be on High when taking screenshots


There isn’t enough light for good editing to happen.

i put my graphics at high though, i have an iphone 8+ , still shows like i have very crap graphics. no anti aliasing, was experimenting on my editing

Do you use the screenshot button or do you hold the off button and volume button on your phone at the same time

hold the home button first then press the power button

Uh, nice. But why an Air Canada A330?

i picked a random livery though @Alex_L

Interesting then.

Instead of that, go to replays and take your favorite moment, click on the bottom right corner, the camera and it will take a high quality photo :)


alright thank you, ill keep that in mind next time when i take photos

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No problemo, and I love the parallel landing shot!

😊 thanks, probably the first time ive had that

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