JFK photos

Hello!!! Today, I went to JFK airport to pick up a Family member on a flight, I took a few photos of the planes while I was there! Hope you enjoy

Location: Terminal 5 walkway to parking & JFK Expressway

Camera: iPhone X

JetBlue A321

Terminal 8, Various Alaska Planes

Asiana A350

Random assortment of planes parked

Last but not least, a LATAM A350this thing has been here for months, so have some 787s, anyone know why?

Thanks for looking at my photos, usually their nicer, but I didn’t have my Profesinal Camera with me.


Hey, great photos. I didn’t know that KJFK got so much a350 action


JFK doesn’t see to many A350s, I was there at the right time!

Thanks for the compliments!

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I’d bet the LATAM is just sitting there when you see it, but IDK, maby between boarding and you just catch it at the right time???

I don’t see any other reason for it to sit there…

Nope, I went spotting last year, and those three planes were in the same spot

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Nice clicks mate… Hope you enjoyed yourself…

Ohhhh that Emirates tail in the background 😍😍😍


Thanks for the compliments!


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