I have the time possibly to head back out and go spotting-Been a while since last. I’ve been to JFK numerous times and got every daytime livery possible (Except for PIA, Avianca). Getting tired of the repeats.

Thinking of heading back out to LGA for the second time. The first went not so great. Bad lighting and location. needed lots of cropping. Never uploaded any shots from that trip:


I’ve since scoured Google Maps and found 5 potentially better spots (Really excited to try out 3 of them) at LGA that can put me very close to the planes, but not on airport property-One of the problems with LGA is that there are so many small airplanes but getting close to the runways is rather hard.


Looking of getting some US Domestics for the foreign folks or those that don’t see the smaller jets that often

Note that the majority may not determine where I ultimately go. It may help influence me though.

Thanks in advance for any input.


I would go to LGA since you mentioned you also saw every plane livery possible ;) Also in a different post you mentioned that you didn’t know the best places to go spotting I’m LGA - maybe that would be something you could work on. Have fun and be lucky 😊

Have you got the Ethiopian 787 at JFK? It comes in way to early for me to see it at the airport (but I do see it at around 6-7am over my house at around 36000ft😄) I’ve seen it a few times later in the day but I can never get it taking off or landing. (This is really disappointing as its one of the most interesting aircraft to spot at Dublin)

By the way (back on topic) in my opinion I think it would be nice to see a mixture of pictures from JFK and LGA it would be nice to see a variation of both smaller domestic aircraft and Long Haul aircraft. That’s said if you have old photos from JFK which you haven’t posted yet you could post them instead of having to go back to JFK to get new pictures of the same aircraft (for the record I’m not trying to pressure you here into showing us all of your photos)

Also (this may be an awful suggestion because I don’t have a clue about American Geography and/or aircraft spotting in America) would you be able to spot at Newark (once again not trying to pressure you just asking)

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Do you have any picture(s) of AI 102 (1510 - dep) or JetBlue 1684 (0945 - arr) on 8th October? I was in those flights!

Ethiopian doesn’t fly into JFK at all. Their 777-200LR came for UN Weekend only.

Most of my JFK photos have been uploaded. I could check again but I feel I got everything.

The reason why I never go to EWR is because of a long drive and the fact that the only mew and interesting planes I’d get are TAP A332s, Jet Airways A333s, and SAS A330s. Also, security is even more paranoid there with horror stories of people getting detained and/or having their memory cards taken away from them. Not worth visiting IMO. Someday, I may look into a non-airport locatoon but I’m not familiar with traffic patterns and the majority of flights are small UA planes

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Haven’t been to JFK since Sept. 20

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Thanks-LGA is nice such that Runway 04 and Runway 31 are very easy to get to. However, that means 13 and 22 are hard to get to which is very annoying because planes have a habit of landing at 22 (Been changing to 04 but not consistent enough yet).

Those exist?

That said, I wouldn’t underestimate the stupidest police force o thr planet, the PAPD. They’d see the model of the memory card and I’d get a knock on my door the next day.

If enough people are interested, I can try and finda safe location but for now, too nervous (People in NJ go out of their way not to spot EWR).

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Sorry, I (and all my colleagues planning next years work trip) thought that Ethiopian flew from Addis Ababa to Dublin to JFK. I must be wrong.

I think you should do LGA, although it would be awesome if you could do EWR!

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I can see you flying ADD-DUB on an ET plane but on a DL, EI, or AA plane instead into JFK.

Moderately surprised ET doesn’t fly to JFK given that they seem to be trying to attract connecting pax and ADD pax at the same time. Sizeable native African population in NYC. That said, direct flights are the way to go for JFK pax so they need a long range, good hot-and-high performer for the route. Let’s see the 777-8X!

Are Ethiopian planing to make a flight from Addis Ababa to Dublin to JFK, I just looked it up online and I see they fly from Addis Ababa to LAX.
Ethiopian also fly Addis Ababa to Dublin to Toronto,

Come out to Nassau county. I’ve found that Massapequa is a better place to see planes in for JFK on left downwind for 22L. You can see them from the train station. They may be up at 1,000 feet, but if you have a decent camera and a good angle you can get them head on.

ET go home. I’m sorry I had to

Too high out even at Mineola and Hicksville.

This is what I try to get at the maximum:

This is what I want but won’t get. I’m looking into getting something like this at LGA later today:

I see what you mean. I mean, if you were to go out into Farmingdale, you can see onto the tarmac at KFRG. Its right on NY-110. Runway 14 ends right before the road. It’s like a much less crowded St. Maarten. As it is 2:20am, I am not able to provide pictures. Nevertheless, you can see a Cessna 172 land at KFRG every 5 mins on Runway 18 (also against a road). As a bonus, there is a movie theater right by there along with a great place to get burgers.

Well LGA didn’t turn out well.

They used the water runways so I couldn’t snap any good photos.

Saw the AA 737 Astrojet Retro livery and one of the last Delta MD-82 to -88 conversions. Christ that thing is so loud…

Might be able to try again this Wednesday


water runway?