JFK missing SID'S

It seems that KJFK is missing a few SID’S here is the proof. AirNav: KJFK - John F Kennedy International Airport

This would have to do the Navblue, the company Infinite Flight has a partnership with, instead of within Infinite Flight itself. Do you know if there SIDs are new?

You can read more about NAVBLUE here! What is NAVBLUE and its role in IF? - #2

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Its hard to tell if the missing ones are new or not. the missing SID’S are KENNEDY5, BETTE6 and HAPIE6

These are radar SIDs and they are simply not shown in IF. This is why Chicago doesn’t have SIDs in IF too.

I’ll just explain briefly what radar SIDs are:

Essentially it isn’t a pre-built routing, ATC give you radar vectors to your first waypoint.

ah i see. that sounds interesting!

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