JFK & KSAN approach timelapse

Still playing around with formatting. This was too tight, so you miss some of the setup work.

This one is more interesting, but I’m partial to single runway airports. A minute in I decided to switch from a north to a south approach. It also required interleaving traffic from various directions.


The audio is hilarious, but this should be in #screenshots-and-videos


The audio is pretty funny, I would recommend putting music over it if you decide make another time lapse


Open this in youtube and set speed to 2 and enjoy with sound on

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Check the rules of that category. This is where it belongs.

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Thanks for posting this Gary! I think a lot of people at every level of ATC would benefit from seeing how you set up your airspace. There’s always learning and teaching to do.

For those who don’t know Gary, he’s one of the best controllers IFATC has to offer. A great leader and teacher, we’re lucky to have him directing us around.


Amazing timelapse! I really like it.

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This video is a good example of why we like to keep you on the approach frequency until you’re established on the localizer. If you watch carefully, you’ll see a few cases where pilots from the north locked onto 31L, and some from the south lock on 31R. As long as you’re on approach frequency, it’s relatively straight forward to give you a missed approach and take you around again. It’s a different story if you’ve switched to tower.


this is so cool

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I thought the audio was cool! 😂

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OMG that audio would give someone audio seizures <- is this even a thing

But seriously though that video is so funny to listen to, it literally sounds like this:


It just sounds like a load of rubbish!

Edit: putting the speed to ‘2x’ just makes the audio a googol times worse to listen to

Super rad!! 🤘🏻

this was very cool just wish people leaving jfk would stop leaving over Manhattan because we don’t do that.

Robotical approach!! Lol


Appreciate you sharing this with the community. Always learning from your techniques, which are a work of art. Hopefully others find this along with your other posts and videos as educational and useful as I do.

I know when I’m flying under one of your frequencies I am indeed a happy little pilot



Just finished capturing a KSAN session. Rather than create a new topic, I’ll add it to this one once it’s up on YouTube.

BTW… I love single runway airports!!

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When I went to put on subtitles this happened…

Japanese? Lol.

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Added a KSAN timelapse to the original post.

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I have a question. How did you get a time lapse of the screen?

I screen record the replay which unfortunately is slow, then I speed it up with a video editing app called “Perfect Video”