JFK-KEF (DL) Review, except I'm still not in Iceland! (Update 3 08:20 BST)

This is a trip report about my flight to Iceland with Delta in Comfort+.

Security at T4 took about 10 minutes with PreCheck. I had access to the Wingtips lounge in T4 with my Priority Pass Membership and it had basic snacks and drinks, but it was sufficient and a nice civilized place to wait. I boarded in the SkyPriority Zone. Delta did a great job with dealing with gate lice, as they would check the zone on your boarding pass even before you got to the front of the queue. The flight left on-time at around 9pm.


I was seated in the exit row in seat 19A.



The legroom was slightly restricted because of the door but it wasn’t much of an issue, as I could still cross my legs.

A nice amenities kit was given out just after boarding, consisting of ear plugs, an eye mask, and a toothbrush with toothpaste, as well as the standard pillow and blanket.


I was a bit disappointed with the meal options, as it was essentially salad or salad.


We were about 20 minutes from landing when we entered a holding pattern for 45 minutes due to heavy snow at Keflavik that the airport staff could not clear fast enough to keep up with the amount of snow falling. We ended up diverting to Edinburgh (EDI), which added about 2 hours to the flight. (Note PIK shown in the picture was the original diversion airport, but was later changed to EDI)


After arriving at EDI, we pulled into a remote stand, and deplaned onto buses that brought us back to the terminal. Customs took about 45 minutes as the area was a bit small.


Delta informed us that they would be putting us up at the Marriott and bussing us over there. As we headed to the buses, it was easy to see that it was unorganized, so we decided to take a taxi to the hotel, which turned out to be a great decision as we beat the crowds to the hotel and were able to secure a room. Originally we were supposed to leave EDI for KEF at 1am, but it was moved back to 8am tomorrow. Delta also coordinated with the Marriott to provide complimentary meals. As of now I am still at the hotel writing this and hope that the flight isn’t delayed further.

Overall the actual flight was pleasant, and my only two complaints would be the meal options and the bus situation. Delta has been great with communication thus far and I will be giving more updates as the situation progresses. Thank you for reading and I hope you found this review interesting.


Look at the positive…

Have you ever been to Scotland before? If not, it’s a new country to add to your list 😉


I actually visited Edinburgh on a cruise in July, cool to be back though.


I’d actually personally prefer getting rerouted to Scotland, and then going back to Iceland (it’s no extra cost, so why not).

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That’s good. Do you know what the approximate time it took from the Airport Terminal to the Hotel itself?

5-10 minute cab ride, probably 30-45 minutes if I was to take the bus offered by Delta, just because it would have taken long to load/unload

So you’re leaving tomorrow huh? I wonder how it’s like to be in a diversion, and it was interesting to see the holding pattern as well.

Keep us posted :)

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Yea we were in a holding pttern for about 45 minutes and then suddenly the engines went to full power and we climbed back up to cruising altitude (holding pattern was at FL140) it took another 2 hours to get to EDI. Delta has been communicating with the front desk of the Marriott to give us updates. We have to be in the lobby at 04:30 to get on buses for an 08:00 Flight, but a taxi would probably be easier, it’s what I took from the airport earlier today.


My question is why divert to Scotland rather than back to the US? Then you wouldn’t have to clear customs or anything.

It would be quicker to divert to Scotland or Ireland than flying back to the U.S.

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Second question: What in the world are you doing in Iceland in wintertime??

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Scotland is 2 hours away, the US is 5 hours away. The aircraft was a 757 so it would not have been able to fly back to the US

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You don’t always have to go to the beach 😎

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One good thing about leaving the holding pattern for EDI is you could hear the engine roar even more 🙂


Yep those engines are pretty powerful!image


Such a beautiful plane. Too bad Delta is replacing them with A321’s. I flew in their 767-400 to MAD yesterday and it was spectacular! Anyways I hope that you make it back @UpgradeMe! And enjoy Marriot!

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Check this out:

I believe that’s your flight landing around the 4:15 mark.


Awesome find, thanks!


Update - 04:28, taking public transportation to the airport currently to beat the crowds of the chartered bus, going to get boarding passes, head through security and then to the lounge, Priority Pass is great!

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What time was the original scheduled arrival in Iceland?