JFK is a ghost town

It’s on training

It does but rarely

Its busier than egll. So it must be most people from America. I think most American fly on expert or atc schedule flights. Not necessarily on training servers. Egll get people from all over the world who is not ready for experts

I agree it is a ghost town, but many people are part of VA’s and they use LAX and EGLL mostly from what i’ve seen, or they might even use smaller airports, expert server many people are in the air, and land all over the globe, training is different, people use JFK/EGLL/KLAX but they only get busy because people take off than leave and repeat and i couldn’t tell you why lol it’s the way it is

Air France 958 always present in KJFK.
KJFK walks a little empty yes compared to KLAX, alias who has in KLAX to have so much plane? It seems to be a bad distribution of ATC’s.
KLAX and EGLL always have plane and ATC.
I do LFPG to KJFK 3 times a week.

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