JFK is a ghost town

I remember when Global first came out, JFK was really busy, now it’s like a ghost town, if only we could get some more arrivals/departures to help reduce the delays at LAX.


What are you asking for here?

I agree, nobody flies there anymore.

I think he is trying to create a discussion.
Nothing wrong with that

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Wait till Sunday 😉


I thought New York JFK is always busy?? We have IFATC on the Expert Server in Sunday.

It is one of the most busiest airports in the world, but in IF no one flies to or out of it for seem odd reason

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If he is talking about TS, which I assume he is, then Sunday is everyday at JFK over there.

Or fly on Expert and come to South America 😊


Yes I am talking about TS

Would love to but I have three too many violations lol

There is currently some traffic, not huge amount (compared to LHR and LAX) but still a good number of pilots at JFK with ATC right now :)

Even in pre global JFK was quieter compared to Ksan, klax, egll, I think it’s always been very long haul destination.

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I think the problem is that all of those airports are close to other busy airports, like how KLAX is close to KSAN. At KJFK there aren’t any other crowded airports nearby. You could fly to Boston but it’s not popular on IF. Players on TS tend to fly shorter flights so JFK isn’t as appealing.

LaGuardia > JFK
Republic > JFK
JFK> LaGuardia
JFK> Republic

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I for one feel that JFK is okay as it is.
I regularly fly FAOR-KJFK and back twice a month for SAVA.
Unfortunately my device is currently broken and I’m “grounded” until it’s repaired. But I enjoy JFK as it is. There is traffic just not as much as in the real world with the exception of IFATC schules in the area.

I disagree w/ u
In order to call a airport a ghost town on the T/S u have to think of a airport that basicly never has ATC think KMIA
The fact that KJFK basicly always has ATC means that it’s not a ghost town

KMIA frequently has ATC on TS1.

Point proven

Is it expert or training? This time of the day hardly any people on any servers