JFK inbounds from Rockaway & Long Beach

Today I traveled through Rockaway and Long Beach, NY and inbounds for 31L/R were visible. There were also departures from 13L/R
31L/R short finals over Long Beach early afternoon

13L/R takeoff over Long Beach early afternoon

13L/R takeoff over Rockaway late morning


I really like that people are actually posting in this category but could we actually try to keep some degree of quality? Look, I don’t want to come of as rude but you can barely see which airline some of these aircraft belong to…


No, I completely disagree. People go and spend their time to go out and get photos. It’s less about the quality, and more about the experience. People want to share their great experiences with us, and that deserves attention.


Obviously it’s just my opinion and I just think that some quality would do good for the category, after all, the category is there to post pictures of aircraft, not to share “great experiences” with anyone else. Get me?

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Maybe… I still feel it’s more about the experience


This was taken from a car; explains the low quality, and I could recognize an Emirates A380, an American 737 and a Delta 757.


i can see which airlines most of them belong to

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The quality is low, but what I see is an American 737, a 747, a Delta 757, an a320(the plane was under the clouds, it was too dark to see livery) and Emirates a380.Now what is the excuse @Samuel123abc ?

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By the way this topic might be closed soon, because it is going off topic.

I some what agree, but for the most part it should be intent over content, like this person went out to take these pictures, maybe thinking it would make the spotting forum better, so you should respect that thought process.


If you don’t like it, you honestly don’t have to open these type of topics. Considering how not everyone has a DSLR and at a steady place to take these photos tbh. Not trying to attack you or anything but most users on here only use their phone and are in a moving vehicle or too far.


Sorry? I never said that you cannot see the liveries.

While you can, it’s harder than good-quality photos.

Look guys this is no attack or anything, but I just feel like photos that have a bit more quality are a bit more pleasing to look at. And as I said, I do like people posting in this category, I have nothing against that. Clearly we all have split opinions here and I do agree partly with you to, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Would you like me to change the topic name to Opinions on Low Quality Spotting Pics?


No don’t change it, it is fine.

No don’t change it, just saying if someone doesn’t have anything positive to say they shouldn’t say it.

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I think the quality is fine, if you say otherwise, that’s absolutely fine as well though ;)

I do agree, the quality is not very good, but I guess it’s the story behind each aircraft and photo that counts as well.

It was a JOKE

Oh it’s kinda hard to tell sarcasm if it’s not in person 😂😂. But seriously those are good photos for where you were

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