JFK Flyout Event

Today, at JFK on expert. There was a huge flyout event, with 122 attending the event. I was en route to KCLT on A320 American Airline. I began at Terminal 8 or American Airline Terminal at around 2000 Zulu. We were at the gate for like 15 minutes and we were cleared to pushback. The wait time was about an hour or so. I took off climbing to FL340 and the flight was nice. I descended about 17 minutes away from the destination. The landing was nice and perfect but a little off from the center.

Here comes the photo.

1: A Lineup, but with one aircraft taking off.

2: Another lineup.

3: Terminal 8 with all American at the gate

4: I was taking off with the aircraft in the front waiting to cross.

5: A view of New York Area while climbing out.

6: A nice sunset of Appalachian Mountain behind the A320.

7: Landing at KCLT, Greasey? or Butter?

That’s all for today, thank for reading and looking at my photo.


Nice pictures!! Took like an hour to takeoff


Aww man I can’t see myself. Also always greasy- no butter. Grease dem elbows!


@den.aviation @Suhas Thank you! Ran out of lovely likes tho.

The line up pictures look really nice. Good job on your flight. I was in the event also. I was doing a flight trans-Atlantic in the B777-300ER To LHR. I have to say on the last photo, the landing was maybe a little butter with the nose not on the centerline. I usually don’t judge people on their landings so I will continue to stay back on judging people’s landings. JFK is American’s hub! I was in the 777 in American Airlines at the Intl. terminal, I had to gate hold for more than 30 mins due to a huge line. Longer takeoff line than I’ve ever seen before


Thank Aidan, possibly the light crosswind ruined the landing, but otherwise it was great.

Grease = gross.

Butter = beautiful.

Nice shots man.


Great pics! I especially love the one with the AAVA guys at the terminal. It was a fantastic event!

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I had a wack landing at SLC coming from this. Got a stall warning attempting to go around and ended up slamming down on the outer line after aborting the go around.


@DylanHK @TaipeiGuru @KGJT-9149 Thank guys!


Smoooooooooooooth Landing.


Oh yes the big flyout

Now makes me miss IF

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Wow amazing pictures! I only came in at the end of the event since I was flying in from Sao Paulo and the flight took longer than expected. But that’s me in the Delta A330 waiting to cross the runway in picture 4! I finally arrived at JFK and was pleased to find that not everyone was gone yet.


Actually DFW is Americans hub

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KDFW is their HQ and main hub, yes. However, KJFK is also a major hub for American (and Delta too, I think).


Awesome pics dude @TaipeiGuru and thank you for assisting @Dylan_M 😉


Nice pictures! Thanks for attending!


Or sideways? 😂


I’m happy you elected CLT as your destination:)
I was surprised that the event was relatively in check with 100+ ppl with no ATC.

Grease or smooth. I’m getting more and more annoyed everyday by seeing the “b” word being used.


Especially since people only focus on that. I mean people land with one wheel in the grass, half way down the runway, and are like “guys, look how smooth that was…” to which everyone replies oh, great landing bud, when it clearly was a terrible landing. Everyone forgets that the vs is one (frankly small) factor in a great landing, and isn’t always the goal…