JFK Canarsie on Live

I was flying today on Expert from HPN to JFK. I was trying to do Canarsie because they were landing 13L. After the approach told me to land straight in, he then reported me. Is there a way to do Canarsie on Expert without being reported?


I think it depends on what the controller is trying to do. If the controller wants you to do one type of approach there is no point trying to do another otherwise you risk getting reported - as you found. In a way this is very much like real life, if the controllers tell you to do an ILS approach to 13L or enter straight in you can’t just go off and do a visual approach turning in from the Canarsie VOR instead.


When I do become an approach controller, I really want to try doing to Canarsie visual and other real world procedures. You’ll have to deal with it for now and wait until I’m controlling. ;) In all seriousness though, some controllers refrain from performing real world procedures due to the area they have available for vectoring, or they just choose to not do it, simply put. Maybe once global is released, we may begin seeing approach controllers starting to use more real world procedures since there’s more space for vectoring. If you do want to do the Canarsie visual, maybe wait until there are no controllers online at JFK. I do that all the time. :)


Ok thanks! I hope you become controller soon!


@JetBlue_Jacob me either lol

Oh how I love listening to people talk about what they are going to change and accomplish when they are qualified. 🙄


When was this? I controlled approach around 2 hours ago

Yeah you were the approach controller 😉

And you said I ghosted you? Don’t recall that…

Yeah you did I was Delta 84 92 in a 757

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