JFK-BOS (A223) Early Hour Departure

Hello Pilots! hope you’re doing well.
As an Airbus fan, I was amazed by 21.8 version! The A220 is brand new and fresh aircraft, which is a great addition to the sim. So great that its actually made me fly all day yesterday and skip a hangout … (well, also because it was rainy but you get the idea😜)

Alright, Flight details:
Route: JFK-BOS
AC: A223
Duration: 35-40Min
Server: EXPERT

▪︎ Debrief, Boarding and a coffee.

▪︎ Taxiing to 31L



▪︎Using STAR for approach to BOS

▪︎Gently touching down

Safe Flights!
Till next time, Bye


Great trip report as always, Madcat!

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That last shot is amazing!

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@CheapJedi Thank you!
@Sueno43 Yessss after I finished the edit, my mind was blown🤯

Beautiful !!
Delta @AviatorLewis !

(surprised that you didn’t you easyJet pics from LGW,ARN, CPH or GVA which are now 3D yet, ahah)

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You know, I was expecting you say that😆 no worries tho! Today I’m flying to Geneva with easyjet

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