JFK Approach - Reasonable Altitude

Hi everyone. I have been on JFK approach last 2 hours on Advanced Server.

You know, NY has a small flyable space. I vectored some high level flights, FL270-320 etc. Usually, approach sector is never vectoring any higher flight than FL180. When you are planning to request approach, please request at a reasonable altitude. Simply, altitude x 3 gives you a distance to descend. For example if you want to start to descend at FL180, you should be contacting approach 54NM or more away from your destination. Sometimes we can’t follow every incoming traffic especially when we are busy with spacing and departure traffic. Please, when you are approaching, check your altitude and distance before contacting. This simplifies everything. We can even give you a shortcut in this way. If you contact at too high and 15-20 NM away, you can’t expect a shortcut. You have to make a long downwind or a few 360. And this is causing huge delays on other traffics and sectors.

Thanks to who requested approach at a reasonable altitude!

Have a nice day!


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