JFK and LGA minor fixes

Hello, this is really a message toward the IFAE Team.

It’s been brought to my attention that an a recent airport update, the roads for ground crew vehicles at JFK are now gone. Will that be fixed in an upcoming airport update?

Also this isn’t something that was messed up but is it possible to move the position of the Tower camera at KLGA. right now, the camera is in the position of the old LGA ATC tower. It got knocked down years ago and is now replaced by a slightly newer tower in a different position. Could you please consider moving the camera position for people controlling LGA ATC?


LGA is scheduled to be redone once better imagery comes out.

Regarding JFK, I recently fixed the version of this airport by reverting it to the previous one. It should appear in the next scenery push.

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Idk how to edit airports😂

Ok, thank you!🙂

They will teach you! All you have to do is get a computer that is able to install and run the software.

Yeah, I’ll take care of the complete rework of LGA once the new terminal is complete. I don’t have a timeline on it since imagery is taking about a year longer than the construction itself.


No thx

You can still join us and we’ll teach you how. We have several experienced editors including myself that will guide you through the process.

No thanks. I have two computers, I’m not wasting money in another one, specifically an expensive one that runs the software you guys use. Also, I have school and a life. I don’t have time to edit airports.

If hardware is a concern to you, I like to jokingly tell people everything will run on a calculator. More seriously, anything with Windows or MacOS will be sufficient.


Hmm. Well I do have a 6 year old MacBookpro but I don’t think that will do. It overheats almost immediately any time I try to use Adobe Premier. Also, I’ve never been interested in IFAE

That works

Read the rest of my sentence!

It probably would, but no one will force you to join the team. It’s a fun process with a great community of people, but it’s really your choice. :)


I say no, sorry.

anything that can run MS paint can run WED(the software we use)

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Why does ground crew roads affect anything 🥴

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Quick question though. Does anyone that does anything for IF like developing get paid. I’m not interested in doing anything, I’m just curious to know. If you can’t tell me, it’s fine.

personally i like them, other people in the IFAET dont, i think it does bring a little bit of extra detail to the airport