JFK Airtrain | Golden Hour Ride

JFK Airtrain Ride - February 14th

Hi everyone. On Valentines day I decided to be my own valentine and take myself out on a ride to the airport. I timed it so that it coincided with the golden hour (4:30-5:15) Since I live close to JFK, I just walked over to the Airtrain station and went on the loop ride. All of these shots were taken on my phone (galaxy S10).I must say these sights are beautiful and a great way to escape from the reality of seeing other people with their valentines. Ok enough sounding weird, here are some shots that I found to be beautiful:

Here’s terminal 1 featuring a wide variety of airlines. Also note that Caribbean Airlines 737 departing behind the Norwegian 787

Right between terminal 2 and 4 (or past terminal 3) lies the Delta airside. Always a treat to see the Deltas, especially the 77L since it just recently came back to JFK to serve Mumbai and Atlanta.

Quite possibly my favorite part of all my airtrain rides: Terminal 4. Look at all those tails! And it’s also nice seeing the newest member, LATAM join Delta here. I haven’t flown out of this terminal since 2011 That was before the concourse B extension! so it’s always nice to see the progress made here. Technically, LATAM has served here, but that was LAN and TAM back in the day.

And to complement the previous pic, you can’t forget JFK tower. That lighting is pure and aesthetically pleasing

Concourse A of T4. First time seeing the Egyptair 787! I was quite shocked seeing it so close to my face. It is a beauty to see in person

This is the best pic of the TWA hotel that I shot. You can clearly see all those rooms on the left side. One day I’ll visit here, but I live in New York so there’s a small chance.

British Airways soon-to-be former home at Terminal 7, with an ANA 77W squeezed between the 2. Sorry for that smudge. I didn’t even realize it till I got home

And finally, here’s the view of the terminal 8 station. The tracks glow with this fine winter light. Apologies about those marks on the window.

And that’s about it. Truly a very calming experience to venture out here. But the cold temperatures definitely didn’t help my somewhat long walk back home. Once again sorry for all that glare and marks on the windows.

Which was your favorite?

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Yeah, my Valentine was a bag of Lays chips…

Jokes aside, dang. That looks like a wonderful day, I hope you had an amazing Valentine’s Day


I was lucky enough to spend Valentine’s Day with my true love.
An airplane.
Nice pictures!



sooooo coooool
and it is the golden hour

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What I did on Valentines Day was eat pizza and watch TV with my dad
Nice pictures I secretly love JFK but never fly there in IF

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Nice, look at all those heavies on the apron!

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I know! Love seeing all of the big guys parked there

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