JFK Airport Spotting 1/3/2018

On Christmas Day, I received my first professional camera as a gift… the EOS Canon Rebel T6. This is one of the best gifts I’ve received in a long time.

After taking a few shots for a couple days, and learning how to work the functions, I decided to finally test out my skills and head over to JFK airport. Before when I went to JFK to spot, I had nothing but an iPhone 6 (recently 7+). So getting to capture high quality photos like these really made me “whole”. Here are the photos I took. :slightly_smiling_face:

On The Ground

Korean Air A380

Air India 77W

Delta 767-300ER

Delta A330-300

Brussels A333, Lufty A388, Air France 77W, Saudia 77W, and Delta CR7 Tails

Jetblue A320 Starting Engines

Taxiing to 31L for Takeoff

JetBlue A321s at the Hardstands

Delta 752 at the Ramp…

Qatar 777-300ER

BA 747 at Terminal 7

Delta Tails

El Al 744 Pushing Back

Delta Connection CRJ-700


All Nippon Airways 77W

JetBlue A320

Etihad Airways A380

Asiana Airlines 777-200LR

31L Arrivals

American 777-200ER

Lufty A388 Landing on 31L

Emirates A380

Delta A330 Landing on 31L

Delta 752

31R Arrivals

Aeroflot 77W Landing on 31R

Delta 767-400ER (SkyTeam Livery)

Iberia A330-300

Interjet A320

KLM 777-200ER

EgyptAir 777-300ER (rushed photo so came out slightly blurry)

Lufthansa A340-600

American Airlines 777-200ER

El Al 777-200ER

Sunset / Night Shots

Delta Connection CRJ-700 Departing 31L

Air China 747-8

Caribbean Airlinees 737-800 Departing 31L


Yellow Parking (roof)

The JFK AirTrain!

Orange Parking (roof)

Terminal 7

I was almost too lazy to make this topic, you know. But I decided, why not. Hope you enjoyed the photos!


An absolutely amazing set of photos. Nice to see someone taking such good photos from JFK. Happy New Year, and I would love to see more photos of yours!


Quiet amazing!!!

Great shots!
Where/how did you get these? Security at JFK isn’t really fond of planespotters, except if you get a special pass from the Port Authority.

Wow, there are some really nice pictures in this thread. Immediately book marked it and will definitely use some of these as my wallpaper. Great job!


I got to JFK a little after 10AM, and I rode the AirTrain around the airport, stopping at different terminals that have good views… mostly Terminals 2, 4 and 7. They also have parking areas on the rooftops which give you clean views.

I didn’t have problems with security until around 4PM, they started telling me I can’t take photos. So I had to dodge them by constantly switching terminals via the AirTrain.

They are actually the reason why I couldn’t get some dapper night shots. There was a LATAM A350 that departed a little after 6, but security was guarding Orange Parking (31L departures view). First time I’ve seen an A350… kinda. It was pitch black out haha.

No, I didn’t get the shot. :/


Here’s some advice to keep the awesome photos coming without being tackled with by security.


Wow these pics are great! I got a Nikon D5200 for Christmas so I am beginning my aviation photography career. This is my first professional camera, also!


Just great pictures 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Almost forgot to post my livery! First time seeing @FlyFi in person!



I just noticed you did the spotting before the snow and the cold arrived! Very well timed as well.

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Wow, I’m blown away! You have really outdone yourself with the quality of these photos!

Keep up the great work, Donny. Can’t wait to see what other photos you have to share in the near future. :)

Tip: I recommend slightly editing your photos to further improve clarity and quality.


Nice photos I don’t spot at JFK though I’m planning to do you know any good spots

This should help you out. :)

Lol this is the day I flew in to JFK. You must have left about 2h before I arrived from Boston


Hold on, I arrived that day in a China Eastern 77W at JFK, 12 o’clock! You might have seen me!


Oooooh! Sexy! ;)


These seem to be taken around mid-afternoon to evening. Keep your hopes up though, he might have a picture stashed of your plane!

Well, when I arrived the Korean 380 is just being pushed back, so…

AmaIng outstanding catches at one of my favorite airports