JFK Airport, New York City - 2019 Planespotting IFC Meetup!

Ooo NYC ain’t for from me
However I’ll be up in Michigan vacationing at that time. Have fun there!

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U guys shld do it by the TWA hotel

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That’s literally in the airport…

Theres nowhere to spot near the TWA Hotel unless we go in there, maybe… 😂


@Dylan_M @anon23647801 @Will_A @Sebastian9915 see you there :)

I’ll add you four to a DM shortly to communicate.

I’ve spotted at Bayswater Park a bunch of times, and it’s pretty safe if you ask me 🤷‍♂️

Unfortunately, that might become the location with the recent 31R/13L construction until November. It will most likely be by Bayswater or Brookville Mounds.

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Maybe. Maybe. Let’s see.

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But just brookville one just one big swamp… no?

I would love to come, but it would have to be before July 11 because I’m leaving to Portugal that day haha

Maybe next time @Lufthansa2

But I mean if it is June 28 I can go

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Ah misread you. I’ll add you to the DM shortly as well.

Im in but the location?

Lol it’s littarly 5 mins from my house

Is this still a possibility @Transport_hub?

Hub!!! You should have made this when I was at JFK!!!

It’s happening alright. I forgot to make the DM, however. Expect one shortly.


I made a group PM and have invited those that signed up above to it.

Please let me know below if anybody else will be attending and I will add you to the DM.

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Good Day all,

Final location is confirmed to be as below:
40.654620, -73.753311

As a reminder, @AndrewWu and I will be at that location between 4pm and 5-6pm EST today. Feel free to tag along, hopefully I can meet a few others.

I will livestream for a couple of minutes as well at around 2100Z on the following instagram, so feel free to tune in.

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I can’t because I’m in London so yeah sorry

Here’s some shots from the day

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