JFK- A Desolate Killjoy

Alright, people. I was just on-duty at JFK, and some things were incredibly astounding. There was an incredible amount of things that was just shameful to the IF community as a whole.

First off, I can’t count how many people just barreled in the runway at a high speed, severely impeding traffic flow. I gave countless “maintain slowest practical speeds,” but some people just don’t get it. I repeat, and I repeat, YOU WILL NOT STALL at 170 knots! Heck, the B737 lands at 130 knots with full flaps with autoland. You will be perfectly fine! The few people who land their A380s right (at around 140 knots) did it perfectly, without having to make any adjustments or worry about a stall. Most people were coming in at a range of 200-240 knots which was wayyy too high.

Second off, very few of you had any regard for sequencing… AT ALL. At one point, five of you were muddled inside a 10-mile “soup” radius of a circle. I can’t count how many “make a left/right 360 spacing” I had to give, due to people not being considerate about others and the welfare of traffic flow. It is your responsibility as pilots to consider the safety of others, especially if approach isn’t around. I don’t have the time to babysit each and every one of you, especially if I’m busy. Some aspects of sequencing may have seemed weird to you, or changed at one point, due to the constant shifting of people in the “soup” or others who just logged out due to frustration.

Third, many of you were incredibly uncooperative with approach. I had many instances where it seemed like people weren’t happy with what approach wasn’t telling them, and promptly tuned into the tower. This clogged up my frequency, and I sent those of you who did so back to approach for proper vectoring. The problem still persisted, with a ridiculous amount of you not attempting to work with approach. This was shameful, not to mention that the life of us controllers was made a lot harder. NY is full of major airports close to each other, so we need to know what you’re being vectored into.

Again, take those into consideration. I’m sorry to say, but tonight was an embarrassment to the IF advanced server, ever since the higher XP was updated. Pilots, please don’t make our jobs harder than it has to be. Just follow instructions, and work with what you have!

//Advanced ATC 2


That was on the advanced server?! Man they’ve inflitrated that server too…

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That’s what your ghosting button is for ghost them all :) you have the hammer we wish we had in the playground use it. You should watch the chaos that ensues when one of you go offline.


Yeeep… Slowly working their way towards driving me insane. Still doesn’t beat Aspen Pitkin, though.

However… someone did taxi right through another plane at the hold short line next to Runway 13R… A bit too late for “maintain safe distance…” :P


Ah, the joys of… well… stuff like that. Something tells me that I need some ibuprofen tonight… Make that 11 pills, doc!

I thought we were never to bring up aspen again :)

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Theoretically, maybe. :P

By the way, we do have strict guidelines for ghosting people on the advanced server. We’re allowed in some cases, and some not. It depends on the situation, and only one guy blantantly flouted those rules.

Well it sounds like that needs to be revised sounds like everyone’s gun shy like people and flagging now days. If they aren’t flying by direction warn them then ghost them if it continues. You guys have the authority to do so. Also I thought the expert server rules for applied to the advanced server since the expert went down no?

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The reason why I fly as far away from any other aircraft as possible when I’m choosing a region.

Live is just not for me. I can’t handle it. It’s airborne Mario Kart. There’s no training or knowledge required and it’s kaos. Yes, chaos with a K. The most extreme kind of Kaos. The whole playground Vs advanced argument is thrown out the door with this single post.

People can argue all they want - but Live has been a failure.

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@divebuddha firstly, I’m here for as realistic a simulator as possible for a mobile device. That’s what I’ve based that comment on. Graphics, 3D buildings and all those shiny things I understand aren’t easy to include, so I’m not talking about any of those features, I’m solely speaking in terms of ‘Live’ and that entire concept.

Playground: where do I start? ATC and Pilots with no idea. The majority of them. The large majority. People taxiing through people, 3 planes all on one runway incursion together. 4 planes on final within half a mile of each other. People flying A380s at Mach 1. I could honestly go on for hours about the problems of playground and it’s lack of realism. But, I understand it’s playground and there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s playground, that’s what it is. But for me, as I said, I’m here for realism and I want to be able to land a plane without 6 people overtaking me at 250 knots on final, and planes just blatantly lining up in front of me at minimums. So… My next move is advanced…

Advanced: while the large majority of the advanced ATC guys are good, and do a very reasonable job, there is still only so much they can do to make it a realistic and good experience. No tests or major restrictions required to get on there as a pilot. Read the original post - look at all the mayhem happening on advanced! You can fly around in circles for a few hours, do a few pathetic landings, have 600 violations and boom you’ve still got enough XP to get onto advanced. There’s also not enough advanced ATC trained, so the guys that are trained can’t staff every tower / approach / center to make it realistic.

I find myself flying short commercial routes at empty regions. Atleast I can fly a realistic flight, fly correct departure and approach procedures, fly a final without planes cutting into me, and won’t have to conduct a million go arounds for my poor passengers.

AI aircraft and ATC on Microsoft FS was much better, and I never had any add ons or anything.

In my opinion, live is not even close to being realistic. It’s not even 5% of the way there. It’s been a failure, unless you’re a 14 year old just wanting to fly around until you get bored of the app. Maybe that’s what the majority of the users are, but it’s not me.

I’m somewhat annoyed I bought the full year subscription, because I don’t want it anymore. I’ve already decided I’m not renewing it when it expires as for me, it’s s complete waste of time and money. May sound harsh, but it’s my opinion and it’s my money to spend.

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@divebuddha - I will be returning to the desktop sim - IF is a stop-gap between desktop hardware upgrades due to upcoming wedding/honeymoon/new house purchase for me. But I did have all intentions of staying involved in IF even after a desktop upgrade and getting back into the ‘real simulator’ game - but there’s no enticement for me to do that with IF with the way it is.

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