jetWest Airlines

I just recently found out that Nigeria is is planning to launch a new national carrier sometime in December and it’s called jestWest airline and I would like to know your take on it because it could be a potential livery request
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  • Request for livery
  • Should not request for livery

That’s a interesting photoshop…


The livery isn’t half that bad imo


Sorry for the image I had issues posting it

Did you mean “Jetwest”? Looks like they are going to use Airbus mostly, cool😏

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Nice Airline and Livery Going to try flying with the airline

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I am like Nigeria is trying to keep up with there national carriers. But for the topic in general you could have added a little more details on the new airline’s fleet, routes, etc. Just something to suggest if you plan to make any other topics like this. Mmmk.


I am still trying to gather as much information as I can in the airline so I would keep it posted

Jetwest airlines will be the easyJet of Africa

Yes basically it would be the Easyjet of Africa

Hopefully i can fly Jetwest on its inaugural flight

You mean JetWest (I to confuse the name)

Jetwest Corrected

It is planning to start domestic flights sometime in December with a320’s then it would expand into international routes

Cool livery and logo! Looks good on the A350:-D

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I’d consider that livery one of the better ones I’ve seen

I wonder where they got the name from…
Sounds very similar to jetBlue.

Livery is alright though, not my favourite.



Good for Nigeria. hope it goes well. Also quite a nice livery.

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Lol I thought everyone was just going to overlook the fact that the name is VERY similar to WestJet